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Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is an invasive herb in the carrot family which was originally brought to North America from Asia and has since become established in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Northwest regions of the United States. Giant hogweed grows along streams and rivers and in fields, forests, yards and roadsides, and a giant hogweed plant can reach 14 feet or more in height with compound leaves up to 5 feet in width.

Giant Hogweed sap contains toxic chemicals known as Furanocoumarins. When these chemicals come into contact with the skin and are exposed to sunlight, they cause a condition called Phytophotodermatitis, a reddening of the skin often followed by severe blistering and burns. These injuries can last for several months, and even after they have subsided the affected areas of skin can remain sensitive to light for years. Furanocoumarins are also carcinogenic and teratogenic, meaning they can cause cancer and birth defects. The sap can also cause temporary (or even permanent) blindness if introduced into the eyes.

If someone comes into physical contact with Giant Hogweed, the following steps should be taken:
  • Wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and COLD water as soon as possible.
  • Keep the exposed area away from sunlight for 48 hours.
  • If Hogweed sap gets into the eyes, rinse them with water and wear sunglasses.
  • See a doctor if any sign of reaction sets in.
If a reaction occurs, the early application of topical steroids may lessen the severity of the reaction and ease the discomfort. The affected area of skin may remain sensitive to sunlight for a few years, so applying sun block and keeping the affected area shielded from the sun whenever possible are sensible precautions

Extra note: if you live in Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan or New York and see one of these, call your state’s department of agriculture to report it, and trained professionals will come kill it before it can produce seeds and spread.

Frankly, if you see one in general, probably call your DOA and see if there’s a program in place.

Do not burn it, because the smoke will give you the same reaction.

If for some ungodly reason there isn’t a professional who can handle it for you (and please, please use a professional), the DOA of New York has [this guide] for how to deal with it yourself.


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Re-reblogging because I checked Snopes, and not only is this shit true, but the text on this is pretty much the same as it is there! Stay safe, kiddos.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, these are currently the states and provinces in North America where Giant Hogweed is present. Even if your state/province is “clear” that doesn’t mean that it is not there. If you see Giant Hogweed in your yard or anywhere please call your DOA! This stuff is mad deadly!

[Image Source]

Also here is a human for size reference. Since they are huge it should be easy enough to see and spot when fully grown.


The burns can also be very bad, far worse than any poison ivy. Just Google ‘Giant Hogweed Burns’ and you’ll see. It can cause bad blistering, red painful rashes, and more. Please be careful of this plant!

Basically, if you see this type of thing, contact your local authorities, if you can, the owner of the land, as they are legally required to handle it, and alert_nonnative@ceh.ac.uk, as in the past children have been known to play with them, as the stems are so large and light.

Make sure not to touch it it anyway, and do not burn it.

I know my name

I know my name

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sideshowknob said:

 you’ve never experienced something doesnt mean other 2nd generation immigrants havent? my dad lived there for most of the 80s and was frightened to speak to people in case they assumed the worst of him which is why he came back 2 have kids here.

Sorry, I guess I should’ve made it clearer I generally meant people my age-ish, who’ve not really lived through anything like that.

irish people were treated like dogs though

They were, but I’m sick of people who’re half irish, who’ve grown up in England, attempting to relate a social issue that isn’t relevant to them, (since they’ve never experienced it) using it as an examples in racisnm to debunk whiteness when Irish Catholics were subject to whiteness due to Protestant imperialism, and were made 2nd class citizens.

And I guess I also feel uneasy about 2nd class irish immigrants talking about it, as it’s often only used as a crutch to further an argument, and I guess because I’m one, and I personally don’t feel it’s my place to discuss such things as somebody who’s never had to experience it, or really the repercussions of it, as I live in England, and unless you specifically asked me about my dad you wouldn’t even know, and so it doesn’t actually affect my life in any real way.

If you’ve lived in Ireland some of your life, yo, go for it. That is totally OK, otherwise I just side eye it a lot.

people who’re 2nd/3rd generation irish imigrants talking about experiences of poc concerning racism, in the UK in the 21st century and comparing it to how Irish folk used to be treated when you’ve probably spent no more than 4 weeks in Ireland, one time.

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i’ve only actually completed 3 or 4 games from the main final fantasy franchise

10, 8, and two earlier ones, that came as a bundle on a ROM I played, but got  mistranslated as other games, i think they were 4 and 5 but were marketed as 3 and 4, but then the real 3 got released on DS and idk.

i really hope that the dub on ffx hd rm is as bad as the original because christ, tidus laughing and the whistling scene are the best things.

if ffix is so good why is ffx getting the release?